Advanced Imaging Tracers

PET/CT of San Jose has access to leading edge diagnostic tracers including Gallium GA 68 (NETSPOT) and fluciclovine (Blue Earth) that promise earlier detection and more treatment options for a variety of diagnoses.

tracersPET/CT Imaging of San Jose continues to lead the industry through our partnerships with cutting-edge developers of imaging tracers to improve the early detection and diagnostic imaging of many diseases.


PET/CT Imaging of San Jose is an early adopter of the 68Ga-Dotatate tracer for detecting gastro-entero-pancreatic-neuroendocrine tumors. NETSPOT is a novel patented kit developed by Advanced Accelerator Applications for preparation of gallium Ga 68 dotatate for injection, for localization of somatostatin receptor positive neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) in adult and pediatric patients using PET. The kit has been designated as an orphan drug by the FDA and is the first FDA approved drug using Ga 68 as a positron emitter.


We’re partnering with Blue Earth Diagnostics and Siemens PETNET Solutions as one of only a handful of imaging centers in the US to trial fluciclovine (18F) for lesion detection and localization for prostate cancer patients experiencing biochemical recurrence. A New Drug Application filing has been accepted by the FDA for priority review. Fluciclovine (18F) is a synthetic amino acid investigational positron emission tomography (PET) radiopharmaceutical. The NDA submission for fluciclovine (18F) is based on data from more than 700 prostate cancer patients, most with biochemical recurrence and some with high risk primary disease.


We’re pleased to offer our patients Neuroceq scans – an accurate diagnostic tool to aid physicians in evaluating cognitive decline by revealing amyloid beta by uptake in different brain regions – allowing estimation of plaque density as shown below:



PET/CT Imaging of San Jose also has provides access to Amyvid imaging. Similar to Neuroceq, Amyvid is a radioactive diagnostic agent for PET imaging of the brain to estimate amyloid beta neuritic plaque density in adult patients with cognitive impairment who are being evaluated for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and other causes of cognitive decline.



PET/CT Imaging of San Jose uses GE Vizamyl (Flutemetamol F 18) for color image interpretation of visualizations of amyloid beta neuritic plaque density in patients being evaluated for cognitive disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease.