Our Team

PET/CT scans are a critical tool in the fight against cancer, dementia, and heart disease. PET/CT of San Jose is your preferred imaging provider.


Dr. Ron S. Rosen

Our team has been led by Medical Director Ron S. Rosen, MD since 2006. Dr. Rosen is a board-certified Nuclear Medicine physician with a sub-specialty in PET/CT from Johns Hopkins University.

We use state-of-the-art Siemens Biograpgh 64/40 PET/CT – one of the most diagnostically accurate PET/CT platforms in the world. Tumors can be visualized and treated at the earliest possible stages. Our Biograph LSO combines state-of-the-art, integrated PET and CT technology with new patented high-speed LSO based detectors to offer the highest image quality and patient throughput of any molecular imaging system currently available.

PET/CT scans have become crucial in the early detection of cancer, the monitoring of the disease, and determining response to therapy. We’re usually able to schedule appointments the next day. The sooner you can be seen by an imaging center, the better – cancer waits for nobody.

We accept all insurance coverage and have competitive cash prices without the worry of excessive hospital facility charges.

We’re conveniently located in San Jose, and provide transportation to and from our center, if necessary.