Preparing for your exam

Important information for patients to consider on the day of their exam and upon arrival at PET/CT of San Jose.

preparing-examOn The Day of the Exam

  • Fast for at least 6 hours prior to your appointment, but drink plenty of water
  • Do not exercise in the 24 hours preceding the scan
  • Arrive on time for the PET/CT procedure.
  • Bring the following:
    • Insurance information
    • Written order from your physician
    • Films and reports from any previous diagnostic imaging procedure, including x-ray, PET/CT, CT, or MRI
  • Wear warm and comfortable clothing
  • Plan to spend 2-3 hours at the PET/CT imaging facility – exam times and procedures vary with each patient

Upon Arriving at PET/CT of San Jose

  • Your medical history and any prior PET/CT exams will be reviewed
  • Your blood sugar level will be checked; an imaging tracer (FDG) will be administered by IV
  • A resting period of approximately 60 minutes will be required before scanning begins for the FDG to be distributed throughout your body