For Patients

Information about our services, what to expect from your procedure, and payment/insurance information.

patientsPositron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography (PET/CT) is a unique imaging modality that is capable of detecting cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and cardiac disease at an early stage.  A PET/CT scan can be used in the planning and management of your care, in determining therapy and in following your progress. PET/CT is used in oncology, neurology, and cardiology procedures.

Scheduling Your Procedure

We allow patients to request appointments online. When scheduling your procedure, please inform our staff of any medications you’re taking, any history of diabetes, and if you’re pregnant or nursing.

Preparing for Your Exam

It’s important to follow a few key rules before your exam to ensure a stress-free and accurate result. You’ll want to fast for six hours prior, drink plenty of water, bring necessary documents, and wear comfortable clothing. When you arrive, you’ll review your medical history/prior scans, check your blood sugar level, and take an imaging tracer.

During the Scan

A technician will position you on the scan bed, and the table will be moved into a large opening in the PET/CT scanner. You’ll need to lie still while the PET/CT scanner acquires the images. Scan times vary, but typically last about 30 minutes. A technologist will process the images and forward to our physician who will interpret the images and generate a report to be forwarded to your referring physician. Because we use a modified glucose tracer, you should have no side-effects from your scan.